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Spend more than $30 on Packing materials and receive FREE delivery to your door*.

We stock a full range of boxes and professional packing supplies for packing up your possessions safely before you move.

Choose new or recycled boxes for all your packing needs. Recycled packing paper and bubble wrap is used to maximize protection on your fragile items.

Port-a-robe hire is free of charge.

Call us on 0431 591 319 to discuss your packing requirements or any of these essential packing materials.

We are strong believers in Recycling as much as possible.

Plus we buy-back and also sell pre-loved boxes, free garbage removal of unwanted items for our customers is also available if needed.


Book & Wine Box

$ 3 AUD

  • Use to pack non breakables such as books, games and toys.
  • Wrap wine bottles in paper or bubble and stand upright.
  • For the ultimate wine protection, use with polystyrene wine insert.

  • Books, Wine Bottles, CD's/DVD's, Games and other Non Breakable items.

T - Chest Moving Box

$ 3.50 AUD

  • This twin cushion box provides excellent protection for breakable and bulky items.
  • Easily stacks into storage units and containers.
  • Plus ask about component boxes that fit snugly into this box.
  • Also available Layer Pads to create structure within the box.


  • The most versatile box.
  • All household items including small appliances

Vibrac Packing Tape

$ 3 AUD

Short Description

Vibac Tape - Brown

  • Excellent adhesion to cardboard.
  • High strength and split resistant.


  • Closing Boxes.
  • Taping off Plastic Furniture Protection Covers

Packing Paper 5kg

$ 12.50 AUD

  • Approximately 250 sheets per ream.

  • Wrapping any item before packing.
  • Scrunching to fill voids
  • Pad the top and bottom of boxes.

Felt Removalist Blanket

$ 15 AUD


  • Traditional Removalists Felt Blanket
  • Cross stiched for extra strength.
  • Provides cushioned soft surface for furniture

Light Grade Burlap Moving Blankets

$ 15 AUD

  • Ideal hessian replacement.
  • Durable budget priced pad.
  • Lightweight pad for storage or moving.
  • Synthetic outer layer
  • Zig zagged to reduce tearing, ripping

  • Covering furniture.
  • Floor Protection.
  • Fill void spaces in containers and trucks.

Removalist Grade Quilted Blanket

$ 25 AUD

  • Heavy filler offers long lasting protection
  • Solid fabric outer layers are closely Zig Zag stitched throughout the pad to provide strength and resilience to tearing or ripping during moving.
  • Double stitched cloth binding on all four sides alleviates loose fibres.



  • Covering furniture.
  • Floor Protection.
  • Fill void spaces in containers and trucks.



Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser

$ 17.50 AUD

  • One handed use - comfort grip handle.
  • Safety feature - red hat blade cover.
  • Available in varying widths.
  • Static cling strip retains tape in upright position - All Rights Reserved 

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